CLEP, DSST and CHALLENGE Exam List & Study Guides

Studying for CLEP and DSST Examinations

The CLEP and DSST study guides name reference textbooks that were being used at the time the exams were being developed. Appropriate textbooks for study are not limited to those lists. You may reference either the current edition of the listed titles from the links below, or textbooks currently being used for a college course of the same title.

DSST recommends that you reference more than one textbook on the topics outlined in the fact sheet. Begin by checking the textbook content against the content outlined on the first page of the fact sheet. Textbooks can be found at the library, campus bookstores or from a variety of websites that sell new and used textbooks.

Exam Details and Study Guide Access

To view exam details or download a study guide for a Regis Challenge exam, click on the exam title. If you have trouble opening or downloading any of the Regis Challenge Exam study guides (PDF format), please contact University Testing and we will email you the study guide.

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Legend for the Exam List

* If a calculator is necessary for a CLEP test, one will be provided on the test computer.

+ A non-programmable calculator may be used. Please present your calculator for inspection when you check in.

** Take-home test

*** Part take-home test and part taken in an approved testing center


(Regis University Students Only)
American Government Art of the Western World COM210 Speech Communication

COM210 Success Packet
American Literature  Astronomy

COM 210 Speech Communication Distance

COM210 Distance Success Packet

Analyzing & Interpreting Literature  Business Ethics and Society  
Calculus Business Mathematics+
College Algebra The Civil War and Reconstruction
College Composition  Criminal Justice
College Level French Language Environmental Science
College Level German Language Ethics in America
College Level Spanish Language Foundations of Education  
English Literature  Fundamentals of Counseling
Financial Accounting General Anthropology
General Biology Health & Human Development
General Chemistry History of the Vietnam War
History of the U.S. I: to 1877 The History of the Soviet Union  
  Human/Cultural Geography
History of the U.S. II: 1865 to present Human Resource Mgmt.
Human Growth & Development Intro to Business
Humanities  Intro. to Computing+
Info. Systems/Computer App. Intro. to Law Enforcement  
Intro. Business Law Intro. to World Religions
Intro. to Educational Psychology Lifespan Developmental Psychology
Intro. Psychology Management Information Systems  
Intro.Sociology Math for Liberal Arts
Natural Science Money and Banking
Precalculus Organizational Behavior
Principles of Macroeconomics Personal Finance+
Principles of Management Principles of Finance+  
Principles of Marketing Principles of Physical Science I  
Principles of Microeconomics Principles of Statistics+  
Social Sciences & History Principles of Supervision

Western Civiliz. I: Thru 1648 Substance Abuse  
Western Civiliz. II: 1648 - Present Technical Writing