Bailey Gent is one of those people where you wonder where they get the time in a day to do what they do.

A business administration and peace and justice studies major, Gent served as an intern for Academic Search as a part of  The Washington Center program, in Washington, D.C. There she worked for a higher education executive search firm to create diversity and inclusivity trainings for senior consultants.

She did so well they hired to run a mitigating bias workshop at their national conference. She also worked with women’s education and fair trade and ethical consumerism work through Yobel Market, was a property manager for a luxury wedding venue and did sustainability training in Alaska this summer for a nonprofit dealing with family homelessness. She is now the co-director of the Innovation Challenge through the Anderson College of Business, working on some local political campaigns and just returned from Toronto where she helped to facilitate a dialogue on understanding identity at the Parliament of World Religions.

“I am content, happy and still pursuing the many opportunities that Regis offers,” she said. “I’ve got to get all I can out of this last year, right?”

Gent sat down with to discuss her busy schedule and what makes Anderson College of Business so unique.

How has Regis’ business school shaped your studies?

What set the Regis business school apart for me was the focus on being stewards of society. I have found all that I hoped for in a people first, socially aware and experiential business education.

What does stewardship mean to you?

I hope to leave the world better than I found it.  Stewardship in simple terms to me is realizing that we all have buy into the world around us and we ought to live in a way where we care for the world and others the way we would want others to care for us. A reinvention of the Golden Rule of sorts I suppose.

How is a Regis business degree different?

A Regis degree sets you apart as a person who is aware of the whole person or cura personalis as the Jesuits call it. A Regis business degree allows you space to be heard and to learn to listen to others. It gives you the space to lead and to follow. It gives you the space to be a changemaker in the best ways you know how.