The Service Oriented Field Experience (SOFE) program provides purposeful opportunities for students to confront, examine and seek answers to the question: How ought we to live? The mission of the SOFE program is to provide an opportunity for students to engage in, reflect upon and make meaning from immersion experiences in order to apply and build new knowledge, skills, and clarify and deepen values. MNM 6770E-W SOFE is an experiential learning capstone course offered within the Master of Nonprofit Management program. The SOFE exposes students to the unique cultural and civil society (nonprofit) sector that exists in their chosen destination. During a SOFE, students explore the issues of social justice firsthand through research, study and by traveling to their chosen destination and participating in activities such as Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) visits and dialogue with civil society leaders. At the end of the course, students: Begin the process of self-discovery and internal recognition with regard to acculturated ideologies, beliefs, and perceptions about poverty and development. Increase their understanding of social justice concerns in light of culture, poverty and community development. Appreciate their chosen destination civil society/nonprofit community as well as gain an understanding of the issues of culture and poverty and their intersection in community development. Share skills and expertise through a quality graduate level paper that could benefit a local NGO. Students will develop their papers with specific partner organizations to demonstrate their understanding of service.