The Denver SOFE explores the disparities between wealth and poverty and the opportunities NPO's provide in addressing inequality. Students work to understand why these disparities exist and how to change them. 

The SOFE also provides an intense learning experience through individual and group work as well as many experiential opportunities.

The course has two main facilitators, 15 students, and incporates the expertise of many local practitioners and organizations to provide a breadth and depth of experience for students. 

Students participate in activities such as dialogue with leaders in the sector, service experiences with nonprofit workers, and an examination of the historical, social, political, economic and cultural conditions that create wealth and poverty.

Students may have an opportunity to connect and work with a nonprofit organization in the metro area for final project development and ongoing service opportunities. All students develop critical thought about the realities of income disparity and its effects on society.  Students will also formulate theoretical and practical methods for recognizing and solving these problems in the future.

Please note: Students spend the weeklong Denver SOFE experience on-campus, living in the Regis dorms with classmates and facilitators.

Itinerary is based on previous years visit and is subject to change.

Day 1: Welcome
Students participate in an orientation and welcoming ceremony
Students participate in a fun evening event designed to build cohesion in the group
Day 2
NPO visit: Regis University
Students will learn how the university approaches fundraising, community partners and other opportunities to engage current and past students
Morning  NPO visits: Rights for all People, El Centro Humanitario, the Somali Community Center, the Lowry Family Center, and the Strengthening Neighborhoods Program of the http:///Denver Foundation
Afternoon  Students will have an overview of Asset Based Community Development over lunch and create an asset map of Original Aurora 
Afternoon  NPO visit: Warren Village 
Evening  Dinner 
Day 3
Morning NPO visit: Hunger Free Colorado
Afternoon  Lunch: SAME Café (So All May Eat) 
Afternoon  NPO visit: Project Angel Heart 
Project Angel Heart delivers nutritious meals to improve quality of life, at no cost, for those coping with life-threatening illness
Evening  Students prepare dinner for each other styled after the “Top Chef” television show using common ingredients found in food banks 
Day 4
Morning NPO visit: Chanda Plan Foundation
The Chanda Plan Foundation improves the quality of life for persons with physical disabilities. Students participate in a physical activity that will place them in the space of a person living with disabilities
Afternoon  Lunch: El Noa Noa on the Santa Fe Arts District. 
Evening  NGO visit: Open Media Foundation
Students create an issue-based public service announcement that can be used by nonprofits/groups. This will be shared on the Denver SOFE Facebook page and among other digital venues. Check out the PSA created last year! 
Day 5
Morning  NGO visit: Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships
Students complete a budget-cutting exercise and role model a collaborative scenario between the government and NPO sector
Afternoon  Lunch: On own at Civic Center Eats 
Afternoon  NPO visit: The Women’s Foundation of Colorado
Students meet with lobbyists and possibly one of our elected officials to discover more about the inner workings of public policy at the state level 
Day 6
Morning NPO visit: Regis Satellite Office
Potential topics include the role of the military, religion, and community in addressing issues of poverty
Afternoon  Lunch, dinner and lodging overnight provided
Day 7
Morning  Garden of the Gods  for a guided reflection on where we have been and where we are going as a collective group
Afternoon  Free time 
Evening  Documentary viewing on campus 
Day 8
Morning Faith service: Students have the opportunity to explore two faiths: Christian service, Jewish traditions
Afternoon  Lunch and dinner as a group 
Day 9
Morning Final debrief of experience

Cost is based on previous years visit and is subject to change.

The cost of the SOFE is made up of three parts:

  • In-Destination Experience Costs
  • Tuition per credit hour for an online course
  • Travel expenses to/from your home location

The in-destination experience is $869 per participant, and includes:

  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Most meals
  • Tour entrance fees
  • Guest speakers, etc

The in-destination experience excludes:

  • Personal costs: bottled water, snacks, drinks, gifts, personal items you may purchase for yourself and additional transport costs (e.g. taxis) etc. not included in course-related excursions
  • Certain meals as indicated in the itinerary

The Denver SOFE opportunity opened my eyes up to the fact that there are so many amazing organizations in our own backyard. In the two years since my SOFE, I have met individuals who work at many of the organizations we partnered with and have been able to continue work with them. The 10-day experience allowed the group to get close and to rely on each other in our professional journeys.” – Josh Gold

The gap between wealth and poverty is very vast but learning more about how it is related to many things that affect our daily lives made me understand the significant need for the third sector” – Chanda Hinton Leichtle

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Questions? Contact Megan Maes, administrative assistant for the Global Nonprofit Leadership Department at or 303.964.3650.