Why an Alumni Matrix? Innovation—at Regis University it is intentionally about driving critical, creative, and systems thinking. It is intentionally about helping students become more self-aware, more ingenious, more loving, and more heroic so that they might help solve the pressing problems of our time. Innovation at Regis University requires the companionship of our alumni to help these come to fruition.

With 75,000 Regis Alums and nearly 37,000 alums from the business programs, we want our current students to see, feel and touch our Alumni Matrix. With an Alumni Matrix, current students get companions and partners in thinking and acting. Regis Alumni know the right practical support our students need as they begin or change their careers. Alumni know why a Jesuit business degree from Regis University matters and what it means. 

The inaugural Festival was held in April 2017 to activate the Matrix, and we are excited to continue the tradition each year. Alumni, students, faculty, staff, students and business community connections converge to meet, eat, celebrate, learn, and define companionship.

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