Regis University offers you the opportunity to help finance your education through payment plans, education alliances, military benefits and sponsored billed. We also offer information and guidance for international students who may be looking for additional funding.

Payment Plans

The Regis Payment Option (RPO) is a convenient interest-free monthly payment plan for students registered for semester-based courses. The Regis Payment Option spreads the semester tuition and fees over 4, 5 or 6 monthly payments. There is a $50 per-semester enrollment fee. Interest is not charged on the plan balance.

You can view your Regis Payment Option (RPO) Plan Schedule and make an RPO payment through WebAdvisor. RPO payments can be completed online in three steps. Log into WebAdvisor Students Menu, under Student Accounts click "MAKE A PAYMENT," and then click "Pay on My Regis Payment Option."

  • Select the appropriate Payment Plan and click Submit
  • Input Amount to Pay, select Payment Method/Type, and click Submit
  • Input Credit Card/Checking Account information, and click Submit.

You have the option to self-pay every month or have Regis automatically schedule the payments.

You may also mail a completed RPO application with the $50 fee to Student Accounts by the semester’s payment due date. The RPO application can be found on the Forms and Publications page.

A new RPO application needs to be completed for each semester.

For more information, please contact Student Accounts at 303.458.4126 or

Education Alliances

If your organization is a member of our education alliance program, you could be eligible for preferred tuition rates. Please visit the Education Alliance page  for more information.

Military Benefits

Regis University is proud to provide our men and women in the armed forces with values-based degree programs. Active duty and veteran service men and women can choose from bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and related certificates in the high-demand fields of business, computer sciences, counseling, humanities, social sciences and teacher education. Regis is ideal for military service men and women who want to continue their education and advance their careers.

For more information, please visit the Military and Veteran Office website.

Sponsored Billing

Regis University uses Sponsored Billing to process third-party specialized billing. Some students work for employers or are military students that have a direct billing agreement established with Regis. These third-party payers have agreed to pay Regis University part or all of the student’s tuition and fees. Student Accounts will provide billing statements to these third-party payers after the add/drop date of each academic term.

Sponsored Billing is not Tuition Reimbursement. Some sponsoring organizations require grades and/or course completion prior to payment. Because payment must not be dependent upon receipt of grades or successful completion of the course, the Sponsored Billing option is not available for those organizations. Instead, a student may pay the tuition or use theTuition Deferment and get reimbursed by his or her sponsor when the course is completed. To access the Tuition Deferment form, first go to WebAdvisor, and log in. Select Students, and under Student Accounts select Tuition Deferment. Also, Regis University reserves the right to deny a sponsored billing arrangement to a student whose account is in arrears or has been referred to an agency for collection.

For more information regarding Sponsored Billing, please visit the Student Accounts webpage HERE.

International Financing


Below you will find information for International Students. You may also visit the International Student & Scholar Services page HERE. 

At Regis University, international student applicants on F-1 and/or J-1 visas are required to show that they have sufficient funding available to pay tuition and living expenses for one full academic year. Official bank statements are the easiest way for applicants to showcase this financial data. The statement must show the name of the account holder and the length of time the account has been active. International bank statements should be no older than three months, while U.S. bank statements should be no older than one month.

For more information on the U.S. dollar amount required to attend Regis University and cover your cost of living, please contact a Regis Enrollment Counselor. Additionally, please consult your enrollment counselor regarding questions about any additional sources of financial documentation that are accepted by the university.


Many international students receive assistance with their educational funding through a sponsor, whether it be a family member who is contributing toward the cost of their education, an employer, a contact in the United States or any other contributor. The student must have each sponsor complete an affidavit of support on behalf of the student. The affidavit of support indicates the dollar amount promised to the student by the sponsor and the document must be notarized before being submitted to Regis University. The sponsor will also be required to submit an official bank statement showing their ability to fund the student’s education in the amount promised. To obtain the affidavit of support form, please contact a Regis admissions counselor.


Outside of Regis University, there are numerous independent organizations and resources to help students obtain financial assistance. Some sources provide search engines for international student scholarships, some provide great resources within students’ home countries. We encourage you to explore the compiled resources below to find what opportunities will work best for you.*
Please consult the NAFSA website (from the Association of International Educators) for additional resources and funding opportunities.

*Never provide any of your personal or payment information when searching for scholarships. If you need help verifying the validity of a scholarship opportunity, please contact our Financial Aid Office at 1.800.568.8932.


Since international students are required to show proof of adequate financial standing in order to attend Regis University, employment opportunities are available to international students only as a way to provide additional income, not as a way to offset educational costs. Regis University does offer non-federally funded Work-Study as well as Optional Practical Training (OPT) and Curricular Practical Training (CPT), which must be an integral piece of a student’s curriculum. All of these employment opportunities are highly competitive and strongly regulated. For more information, please contact Cathy Gorrell, director of registration.