Support students as they seek to serve their communities through therapeutic relationships.

Can you imagine a world where good mental health is assumed and mental illness is the exception? Where kids are allowed to be kids, and are supported by effective parenting? Where our teens can easily access the help they need when they are contemplating a permanent ending to a temporary problem? Where no matter what stage you are in life, you are readily able to access the services and supports you need to live your best life?

At the Division of Counseling and Family Therapy, we are working to make this world a reality. Mental Health breakthroughs in the next 50 years will dwarf those of the last 1,000. Our vision, with your financial assistance, is to lead the way in Colorado in this new era of possibility. 

Your donation will help in three significant ways:

(1) Increase the services provided to our communities.

  • DCFT students and staff work with clients of many ethnicities, orientations, and socio-economic statuses. All clients are treated equally, regardless of their ability to pay.
(2) Engage in impactful mental health research.
  • We aim to promote justice through scholarly excellence. Increased research productivity will help guide our services while contributing to a body of research that informs innovative and effective mental health practices worldwide.
(3) Excellent clinical education.
  • In order to help improve mental health in Colorado, we wish to expand our ability to financially support and train excellent clinicians who are willing to serve the most vulnerable among us.

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