Engage your network to support Regis

Does Regis inspire you? Have you ever thought about raising money for an area of interest at the University?  

Consider a peer-to-peer or crowdfunding project on behalf of Regis. These initiatives allow you to proactively support a cause close to your heart while positively influencing the Regis community.

Annual Giving Programs will provide you with the right tools, resources and expertise to be successful – all you need to bring is a sense of determination. Follow the steps below to get started today.

Step 1:

Choose your cause.

What speaks to you about Regis? How do you want to help improve the University? Select what you want to support and begin to create a vision of how you plan to raise money, what your goals are and who you want to connect with. Our application will help you focus your campaign from a broad idea to tangible action items.

Step 2:

Design your campaign.

Once you’ve determined a cause to fundraise for, it’s time to decide between a peer-to-peer project or crowdfunding initiative. Please carefully read below to determine which option best suits your needs.


Does your project have a message that resonates with the greater community, even outside of Regis? A crowdfunding event best supports a singular project with a measurable end goal and a hard deadline. For instance, raising money for a unique scholarship or support the launch of a new, innovative program. The cause should inspire people to give within a certain timeline for a specific goal. This will require you to reach out and connect with a greater network outside of your own and encourage the community to be leaders in service of others. We will provide a specific donation page for you to make this goal a reality. See an example of a crowdfunding initiative here.


Peer-to-peer projects offer an entirely new perspective on supporting your passion. We will also provide a specific donation page for you to utilize, but this option calls for a more strategic network and deliberate planning to fundraise year round for an on-going initiative close to your heart – say, supporting scholarships for deserving Regis University students. Peer-to-peer fundraising requires you to tap into your immediate network of friends, family, coworkers, etc., to offer a personal touch as you gain support for your cause. These campaigns are carefully thought out, last longer than a crowdfunding event and give you time to educate your audience on why raising money for your cause will have a lasting impact. See an example of a peer-to-peer campaign here.

Step 3:

Fill out our application

Click here to print an application form.

Annual Giving Programs will contact you within 10 business days. This application will ask you to think through the important details and specifics of how you want your project to run.

Step 4:

Design your webpage

Once you’ve worked with Annual Giving Programs to get your project off and running, you’re ready to build your very own webpage. With our easy-to-use online platform, your campaign page will look great and give you the tools to connect with donors and community members. We will provide further directions and assistance once your application is submitted.

Step 5:


Tell your network about your project and begin to receive donations from people who care just as much as you do. Watch your actions translate into real change here at Regis and create an impact on student lives.