University will share eight classes with high schools, community colleges

June 11, 2018

Regis University has added a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity to its academic lineup, which already includes several computer science and information technology undergraduate degrees and a Master’s in information assurance, among other programs.

The College of Computer & Information Sciences is accepting students into the cybersecurity undergraduate degree program this fall with the first graduating class expected in 2020. 

Last year Regis received a U.S. government grant of nearly $1 million to focus on cybersecurity research. One aspect of that grant was to create a series of cybersecurity courses that schools around the country could use to teach similar topics. Regis is planning to use these courses as a starting point for its new bachelor of science program. 

“This is a much-needed program for Denver and the entire state of Colorado,” said Steven Fulton, director of Regis University’s Center for Information Assurance Studies. “Cybersecurity is a highly technical field, and our new undergraduate program will reflect that, but it also will include other facets, such as helping students improve their communication skills and learn how to work well on a team. We’ve done a great deal of study on what companies in the field are looking for, and this multidisciplinary approach is what the industry tells us they need in their new employees.”

The federal grant enlists Regis to develop eight undergraduate classes and make the classes available to high schools and community colleges to pique interest in the field. Regis’ goal is to allow students who successfully complete these classes to transfer this early coursework credit to Regis to pursue a cybersecurity degree.

By fall, Regis will have several of these classes ready to share, said Fulton, who has a doctorate in management and has worked in the cybersecurity field and the federal government for many years.

“We want to generate multiple pathways into the career field,” Fulton said. “Our goal with these classes is to interest students who may not understand or know about the cybersecurity career field. If we can get qualified high school teachers and community college instructors teaching some of these basic classes, students will have the opportunity to see and understand what cybersecurity is before they’ve made firm career decisions.”

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