September 19, 2017

Predicting your future can be tricky. Unless you happen to be a liberal arts grad. 

While crystal balls and DeLoreans have solid track records for predicting the future, recent research suggests that your college degree may be as loosely related to your future as today’s weather is to last night’s forecast.

Consider the recent study which notes that people holding a liberal arts degree have found themselves highly coveted for senior leadership and CEO positions in the business world, of all places. . 

This news should come with little shock to those who’ve studied liberal arts. That’s because they know the value of self-discovery and how identifying who you are as person sets the stage for a bright future. Those well-versed in the liberal arts understand the nuances of critical thinking, communication and teamwork. Which just so happen to be the kind of skills that never go out of style and translate to success in any career.

Rather than wading uncertainly into your future, why not take the long view with a liberal arts education from Regis University? Our programs seek out the big ideas behind every lesson, the ethics behind every decision and how all of it affects you. You’ll get the background employers are looking for, which will make you an incredibly valuable individual. We predict that your future self will be delighted.  

Getting started is as easy as speaking with one of our helpful admissions counselors or filling out your application. Classes start October 23 and there’s still time to apply.