Academic Care Team 

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Student Disability Services

Student Disability Services & University Testing eliminates barriers to equal access to the college experience through:

  • Providing timely and appropriate accommodations to students with disabilities
  • Developing students with disabilities’ self-awareness and self-advocacy skills
  • Informing students and faculty about their resources, rights & responsibilities; and
  • Challenging attitudes that limit sociocultural inclusion and respect with outreach to students, faculty and staff

Accommodations in college differ from those in high school. For more information on services and accommodations, please visit the Student Disability Services webpage.

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SENSE Program

The OT SENSE (Support to Effectively Navigate the School Environment) program meets with students once a week to help them find occupational balance in their lives here at Regis. With the support of graduate OT students as peer mentors, students are provided with 1:1 mentoring which focuses on the student’s unique strengths and goals. Some students want to have a better understanding of resources available to them, others want help with time management and organizational strategies that best fit their learning style, while others want to feel more connected to the Regis community or learn how to advocate for their needs. Using an occupational therapy framework, the program keeps the student at the center of the plan. We look for ways to modify or adapt the activity or the environment in order to build on successes. Active participation on the part of the student-including reflection on what is working and what is not —is required. Students are held accountable to their goals through a weekly assessment of how satisfied they are with a particular goal area. For more information, contact ___.

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