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Regis University students in classroom pursuing M.Ed. in Special Education with initial teacher licensure.
This graduate program was designed for learners who already hold a bachelor's degree and are seeking a graduate degree and initial teacher licensure in Special Education.
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Education: M.Ed. Special Education (initial teacher licensure)

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Regis University's M.Ed. in Special Education with initial teacher licensure is designed for educators seeking the expertise needed to effectively teach students with a wide variety of special needs, ages five to 21, in the state of Colorado.The Teacher Education program is based on the philosophy that learning to be a teacher is best accomplished when an understanding of theory and practice is balanced by the knowledge gained through diverse experience in schools. Foundational courses will introduce you to theories in education. Content (subject area) courses will ensure that you have the depth of knowledge needed to teach in your endorsement area. Your professional sequence courses will emphasize field placement and experiential learning and your student teaching semester will be your final culmination in applying what you have learned.Regis University's teacher licensure program develops educational leaders who improve and transform society. The curriculum emphasizes four distinctive areas:
  • Jesuit ideals including serving others, striving for excellence and reflective practice
  • Service learning integrated into every program, integrating theory with practical application
  • Curriculum focused on developing teachers who are data literate and able to think critically
  • Instructional technology embedded into every course to help teachers inspire a deeper level of learning among students
A graduate license/endorsement is dependent on the major of your bachelor's degree. If the level and area of license/endorsement you are seeking does not correspond to your specific major, you may need to take additional undergraduate credits as required by Colorado laws and regulations for license/endorsement.Paraprofessionals are offered a 10% preferred tuition discount for education courses at Regis. Contact an admissions counselor at 800.795.4583 for details.

The Master's in Education in Special Education with Initial Licensure

Special Education – Initial Licensure: 46 credit hours

Printable Fact Sheet: To download a printable fact sheet with details about required classes, admissions requirements, and start dates, please visit our fact sheet library. Please note: The best source for the most current information is an admissions counselor.

Program Requirements

M.Ed. Special Education Generalist with Initial Licensure (Option only available for students who do not currently hold a Colorado license) Effective Fall 2016

Foundations and Pre-Requisite Courses (12 credit hours)
Must be taken in sequence

EDES 603
Equity, Ethics & Social Justice in Education
EDSP 605
Special Education Foundations (3 credit hours)
EDRS 600
Ed. Research & Critical Reflection I (3 credit hours)
EDSP 620
UDL: A Framework for Teaching and Learning (3 credit hours)

*Pre-Requisite Courses do not count toward total degree hours, but are required if not met in previous coursework.

PLACE or PRAXIS exam in Elementary Education MUST be passed within first year of program.  

Professional Sequence Courses (24 credit hours)
Sequence to be determined by Advisor.

EDRG 644
Teaching Reading &  Writing (3 credit hours)
EDRG 653 
Literacy for Students with Special Needs (3 credit hours)
EDSP 610
Transition & Secondary Services (3 credit hours)
EDSP 644
Mathematics Interventions for Children w/Special Needs (3 credit hours)
EDSP 663
Assessment & Planning for Exceptional Students (3 credit hours)
EDSP 664
Behavior Intervention & Analysis (3 credit hours)
EDSP 665
Consultation & Collaboration Skills (3 credit hours)
EDSP 670
Methods & Strategies in Special Education

 State required licensing exam(s) must be passed before applying to Student Teaching

Licensure Requirements (10 credit hours)

EDSP 692  Practicum in Special Education Generalist (8 credit hours) 
EDSP 697  Professionalism in Education (2 credit hours) 


Please note that recent course requirement updates may not be reflected in the list above and you should contact an admissions counselor at 800.944.7667 for recent changes and updates.

View printable fact sheets with program details.

How to Apply

Take the next step towards receiving a values-based education at Regis University by visiting the Admissions Portal to learn more about application deadlines, checklists and requirements. For specific admissions requirements, see the fact sheet applicable to your program. 

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