Studying Peace & Justice at Regis

As a Peace and Justice Studies (PJS) student you will explore complex social and political issues through a dynamic, multidisciplinary perspective. That means that you will examine difficult problems such as warfare, modern slavery, genocide, the death penalty, immigration or climate change through the lens of sociology, philosophy, history and/or a peace and justice studies. As a PJS major, you will learn conflict resolution skills, the history and the practice of nonviolence, social change theory and community organizing techniques. Most importantly, as a PJS major you will learn how to apply academic and practical knowledge to work toward the resolution of those problems.

Peace and Justice Studies

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The minor in PJS introduces students to a rigorous academic course of study coupled with practical, real-world experience.  Through internships, service learning and possibly study abroad, you will enjoy multiple ways to connect with the Denver community and the world at large. 

Community-based and service learning experiences are woven into the degree program.  PJS students can  expect to apply their academic work to community-based settings.The service and community-based experiences may include opportunities to explore advocacy, community organizing and community research activities.

The PJS Minor Requirements include 16 semester hours:

  • PJ200 Peace and Justice in Theory and Practice(3)
  • PJ400 Foundations of Peace and Justice (3)
  • PJ496 Peace and Justice Studies Project (3)
  • Two PJS upper division elective course (6)

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