Peace & Justice Studies at Regis

Peace and Justice professor teaching in a classroom at Regis University in Colorado.
As a Peace and Justice Studies (PJ) student at Regis University, you will explore complex social and political issues through a dynamic, multidisciplinary perspective. That means that you will examine difficult problems such as warfare, modern slavery, genocide, immigration or climate change through the lens of sociology, philosophy, history and/or a peace and justice studies. As a PJ major, you will learn conflict resolution skills, the history and the practice of nonviolence, social change theory and community organizing techniques. Most importantly, as a PJS major you will learn how to apply academic and practical knowledge to work toward the resolution of those problems.

Peace and Justice Studies

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As a PJ major at Regis you will be introduced to a rigorous academic course of study coupled with practical, real-world experience. Through internships, service learning and study abroad, you will enjoy multiple ways to connect with the Denver community and the world at large. PJ faculty members are committed to helping students acquire real world experience so they can become powerful leaders who change the world. We strongly encourage our PJ students to spend a semester studying abroad. PJ students study peace and justice issues from an international perspective in Great Britain, Italy, Bosnia, South Africa, El Salvador, Guatemala, Chile, Argentina and many other exciting places around the world.

Community-based and service learning experiences are woven into the degree program. PJ students can expect to apply their academic work to community-based settings. The service and community-based experiences may include opportunities to explore advocacy community organizing and community research activities in the community.

PJ students will be advised to consider language skills that support their area of focus.

Student Comment
The best part about being a PJ major has been the constant learning from experiences with the community and professors through conversations and service.

--Shannon Hayes, Peace and Justice and History Major

Program Requirements

Regis College students must complete the Core Studies requirements in addition to their major requirements. Core Studies consists of:

  • Core Foundation: 6 credits, or two courses taken over the fall and spring of freshmen year
  • Distributive Core: 40-46 credits that represent a variety of offerings in disciplines that provide the underpinning of a solid liberal education
  • Integrative Core: 12 credits, or four upper division courses taken in the junior and senior year

More information about Regis College Core Studies can be found here

Listed below are the degree requirements for completion of the B.A. in Peace and Justice. Please note that recent course requirement updates might not be listed and you should contact the Office of Enrollment Services at 303.458.4126.

Core Course Requirements  (15 credit hours)
PJ 200/PJ 200C Introduction to Peace and Justice (3 ch)
PJ 400 Foundations of Peace and Justice (3 ch)
PJ 401 Research & Writing in the Community (3 ch)
PJ 464 Community Organizing (3 ch)
PJ 496 Peace and Justice Studies Project (3 ch)
Elective Requirements (15 credit hours)
Five 400-level Peace and Justice courses, two of which must come from this list.
PJ 418 Peace and Justice in Catholic Social Thought (3 ch)
PJ 431
Freedom Movements and Human Rights
PJ 432G Gender and Homelessness (3 ch)
PJ 451 Climate Justice (3 ch)
PJ 451L
The Irish and Their Troubles
PJ 456 Liberation and Dynamics of Transformation (3 ch)
WGS 400
Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies


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