Students pursuing Honors in Psychology receive a working knowledge of factual and current theoretical information in the field. Content is balanced with the development of critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and an appreciation of cultural diversity. The application of psychological principles is strongly encouraged through service learning, internship, and research opportunities. The degree requirements are designed with the latitude to prepare students interested in:

  • Pursuing graduate work in psychology.
  • Embarking on a career in psychology or related area where a combination of analytic and human skills is applicable.
  • A liberal arts education in which psychology is a related and relevant major.

Students should work closely with their major advisor to plan a program of study commensurate with their educational and vocational goals.

Regis College students must complete the Core Studies requirements in addition to their major requirements. Core Studies consists of:

  • Core Foundation: 6 credits, or two courses taken over the fall and spring of freshmen year
  • Distributive Core: 40-46 credits that represent a variety of offerings in disciplines that provide the underpinning of a solid liberal education
  • Integrative Core: 12 credits, or four upper division courses taken in the junior and senior year

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Listed below are the degree requirements for completion of the B.S. in Psychology, Honors.
Please note that recent course requirement updates might not be listed and you should contact the Office of Enrollment Services at 303.458.4126.

Students completing the Honors-in-Psychology option are required to complete the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Psychology major and the following courses:
PY 499 Undergraduate Research in Biology (2 ch)
Py 491E-W Research in Psychology (1-3 ch)
BL 499B Senior Thesis II* (1 ch)
Candidacy must be approved by the chairperson of the Department of Psychology. Requirements include:
1. Maintenance of an overall grade point average 3.000 and a grade point average of 3.250 in psychology.
2. Completion of three semester hours of PY 491E-W--Research in Psychology. A research project must be proposed to and approved by a faculty committee in preparation for PY 499--Senior Thesis.
3. Completion of PY 499--Senior Thesis. This represents completion of the research project proposed in PY 491E-W--Research in Psychology. The Thesis must conform to APA guidelines and be approved by the faculty thesis committee.
4. An oral defense of the thesis before a panel of faculty including the faculty committee.
5. Presentation of the research to a public forum such as a lecture or professional meeting.
Total Degree Requirements: 66 credit hours

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