The Academic Internship Program’s mission is to provide the opportunity for students to apply knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom in an experiential setting where they can begin to develop the leadership abilities and discernment necessary for distinguished professional work in the greater community.

What is an academic internship?

An academic internship is a structured, supervised, semester-long learning experience that takes place primarily off campus. While the site supervisor mentors, guides, and evaluates the student in the professional environment, the internship professor designs related academic assignments and reflections so that the student can make meaning from the experience. The student also sets intentional learning goals for the internship semester. The internship can be paid or unpaid and is part-time, which allows the student to maintain a full-time academic schedule and retain a job. 

In order to earn academic credit, students must enroll in the internship course in an academic department, work at least 120 hours at the internship site over the whole semester, and complete all related academic assignments with their professor.