The program culminates in a supervised internship at a participating brewery. In the internship students gain hand on experience brewing, cellaring, and serving beer. Regis partners with an array of Brewing Partners that host interns. The skills learned while interning give students in our program a foot in the door for the craft brewing industry as well as contacts for when they begin looking for full time employment.

"Today we transferred finished beer to brite tank cleaned yesterday, cleaned heat exchanger for tomorrow's brew, and cleaned tap lines," -Ira Cohen

"My adventure in beer was time well spent and I'm very glad I was able to intern at Prost! I gained a ton of knowledge and was able to learn the ins and outs of the brewery world on a fairly large system and in a place where award winning German style beer is made." -Doss Winter

"Here was another fun cask beer project. We were all caught up on all of our production beer, so we decided to make a fun experimental batch. I came up with a recipe for a blonder ale and we brewed that as our base beer." -Nick Boehner

"Thursday is when there is beer transfers, kegging 46 kegs of beer and prep for a brew day on Friday. Then Friday is a brew day. Good-times!" -Catherine Wilson

"Got to hang out with some amazing individuals and watch a Laboratory and Microbiology program at a brewery start from the ground up. Saw how much care and craft goes into making sour beers. The production side of things is non-stop around the clock. We are so lucky to live in such a state as this to produce world class beers." - Daniel Artzer