Dr. Kreimeyer graduated from Mankato State University (the “big town” from the show Little House on the Prairie) with a BS in Recreation. From there he enlisted in the US Army as a Cryptologic Linguist. He and his family served in California, Texas, and Germany with side excursions for him to Kosovo (1999) and Iraq (2003). After the military, he transitioned into the field of Counseling (MAC, 2007). He also obtained a post graduate certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy (Regis, 2011). He has worked in community-based outpatient clinics, private practice, a residential drug and alcohol program within the US Bureau of Prisons, as a Family Therapist within the VA, and several years as a Clinical Supervisor. Dr. Kreimeyer has taught for Regis University since 2012 and is Coordinator of the Counseling Military Families Certificate. He holds a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision through Regent University. Through his studies at Regent University Dr. Kreimeyer has participated in groundbreaking efforts to bring the field of trauma-informed counseling to mental health providers in the war-torn country of Ukraine. He presently serves as an advisor to the Presidential Administration there and is helping to build their first ever National Center for PTSD. 

Curriculum Vitae