I have been a physical therapist for 24 years. My passions include education, the care of older adults, and serving and leading our profession. Personally, I’ve always been attracted to service and helping others. We have an obligation to use our gifts, talents, knowledge, and resources to serve our communities. I use community in the broadest sense, as for me, this also means our professional and work community. To paraphrase the words of the ghost of Jacob Marley in Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol, “mankind is our business.” As an educator, I believe in a humanistic approach to teaching. The expectations of physical therapist education require students to think in a very scientific and technical way, as they should. However, physical therapy is very much a caring profession, requiring students to be able to relate to and connect with people. They need to recognize the humanity in what they do. In my teaching, I try to tune the students into the “patient values and circumstances” element of the evidenced-based practice model. This element contributes significantly to the recovery of our patients, and students need to be adept at being attentive to their patients’ values and circumstances.

Curriculum Vitae