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Management and leadership positions within hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, retail pharmacies and managed care organizations increasingly require the pharmaceutical knowledge obtained through a Doctor of Pharmacy degree combined with management, administrative and business knowledge. With both a Doctor of Pharmacy and a Master of Science in Health Administration degree, you’ll gain the financial, management and administrative skills needed to keep major health care companies and organizations running smoothly and efficiently.

Students can earn a Master of Science in Health Services Administration degree by completing 12 graduate courses listed under the program requirements tab, seven of which can be fulfilled through required and elective Pharm.D. courses. 

The additional five Health Services Administration courses can be taken online in 8-week terms over the summer making it easy to earn both a M.S. in Health Services Administration and Pharm.D. degree concurrently at your own pace while enrolled in or after graduation from the Pharm.D. program. 

Program Requirements

Course Number

Course Name

Source Unit

HCE 600

Organizational Ethics and Health Care Compliance

School of Pharmacy

HSA 601

Leadership and Organization Development in Health care Settings

School of Pharmacy

HSA 602

Strategic Planning and Development in Health Services

Health Services Administration

HSA 604

Foundations of Health Care Economics, Accounting and Financial Management

Health Services Administration

HSA 624

Quality Improvement in Health Care Settings

Health Services Administration

HSA 650

Health Care Information Systems (or equivalent course from HCI or MSCC)

College of Computer & Information Sciences

HSA 660

Methods of Inquiry and Research

Health Services Administration

HSA 663

Advanced Concepts of Health Care Finance

Health Services Administration

HSA 680

Contemporary Issues in Health Services Delivery Systems

Health Services Administration

HSA 696

Master’s Project in Health Service Administration

Health Services Administration


6 credit hours

Select from HSA, HCI, MSCC, MBA or SOP.

HCE 600 requirement can be satisfied with HCE 742 in the Pharm.D. curriculum. HSA 601 requirement can be satisfied with Pharm.D. 731 in the Pharm.D. curriculum. HCE 742 and Pharm.D. 731 are both requirements for completion of the Pharm.D. degree.

Master of Science in Health Services Administration elective requirements may also be satisfied by selected School of Pharmacy courses.