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The Health Care Quality and Patient Safety Graduate Academic Certificate helps students gain the skills and expertise needed to become effective leaders within the growing field of quality and safety practitioners. By reporting health outcomes by health care agencies, an environment of transparency within health care organizations can be created.

Students can earn this certificate by completing four required graduate courses from the list below. Three of the four courses below can be applied towards  Pharm.D. electives.  The below courses are offered online in 8-week terms throughout the year.  While this certificate and the Pharm.D. degree can be earned concurrently, students have the option to complete this certificate at their own pace.

Program Requirements

The following classes must be completed in order to earn this certificate:

HSA 624 – Quality Improvement in Health Care Settings (3 credit hours)
HSA 670 – Biostatistics and Health Data Analysis (3 credit hours)
HSA 672 – Managing Patient Safety and Organizational Risk (3 credit hours)
HSA 625E – Advanced Concepts in Quality (3 credit hours)

The HSA 670 requirement can be satisfied with PHRM 728. PHRM 728 is required for the completion of the Pharm.D. degree.