Father Woody's Service Projects

A Legacy Lives On Through Student Service

Monsignor Charles B. Woodrich, better known as "Father Woody," was one of Denver’s most beloved priests and a tireless advocate for the homeless. Fr. Woody passed away in 1991, but his legacy lives on today in part through the efforts of the Regis University community. Inspired by the Jesuit tradition of service to others, generations of Regis students have embraced Fr. Woody’s cause: to help the community’s poor, neglected  and forgotten.

A staunch advocate of the poor, hungry and homeless, Fr. Woody was pastor of Holy Ghost Church where 500-700 people were fed daily. The parish also offered countless additional services  to the area poor, a legacy of service that Regis University is proud to support. Staff and students work year-round on Fr. Woody's programs that serve Denver's homeless, elderly and youth.

Father Woody's Wheels Father Woody's Haven of Hope

University students use a fleet of vans dubbed Father Woody's Wheels to deliver donations to a number of projects serving Denver's homeless, the elderly and youth.

Father Woody's Workshop

Regis students use Father Woody's Workshop, located in the University chapel basement, to store food, make sandwiches and create holiday gifts for the poor and homeless communities.

Father Woody's Christmas Party

An army of volunteers participate in the annual Fr. Woody Wrap Party, wrapping donated gifts for the poor. These gifts are handed out at the annual Fr. Woody Christmas Party for the Homeless, a tradition that began in 1981. Each year thousands of guests attend the event, sharing in the holiday spirit through a dinner served by volunteers from the Archidiocese of Denver, Holy Ghost Church, Regis University, The Daniels Fund and many other organizations.

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