Triple Rooms

O'Connell Hall

All incoming freshmen who apply to live on-campus by application deadlines are guaranteed housing. However, because of the heavy demand for on-campus housing, it is necessary for the University to initially assign some students to extended housing (triples). Assignment in a tripled room is intended to be a temporary arrangement. Students in tripled rooms will be offered a permanent space based on availability and the student’s priority (based on deposit date) as soon as permanent spaces are identified.

We consider all three students in a tripled room as permanent residents, so no one student is regarded as the "extra" person. Historically, most students assigned to an extended housing room are offered a permanent space before the end of the Fall Semester. However, there have been years when we have ended the Fall semester with students still in triple rooms.

Triple rooms are the same size as a double room. In triple rooms, two beds are bunked, and a third bed will stand lofted alone. Three closets/wardrobes, three dressers and three desks and chairs will be provided. Each room will also include one wastebasket, and two Ethernet connection port (every residence hall is equipped with wireless internet). You may want to consider this as you begin to pack for your move onto campus. It might be best to pack some of your belongings in plastic storage containers that can be stored under your bed and easily accessed or moved in configuration.

How big are these rooms? Are they big enough for the number of students you're putting in each room?

• O’Connell Hall Extended Housing Triple Room is 170 Square Feet with access to Community Style Bathrooms. 
• West Hall Extended Housing Triple Room is 205 square feet with access to a suite style bathroom (Jack & Jill style) with 1 toilet, 1 shower, and 2 vanity sinks that is shared with 5 other students.
• Residence Village Extended Housing Triple Room is 185 Square feet with access to two full size bathroom/showers in each unit that is shared with 6 other students. 

What community space is available for students outside their room?

• O’Connell: There are two large common area spaces along with 6 social lounges available in the building. Community style bathrooms have 6 sinks, 6 bathroom stalls, and 5-6 shower stalls shared among 35-50 students. 
• West Hall: There are two large common area spaces along with 4 social lounges available in the building.

Won’t it be cramped in the room with all that furniture?

It figures to be tight, although the rooms were evaluated before their conversion to triples as to how well furnishings would fit in the available space. Storage space is limited to the closet or under the beds. There are not storage rooms elsewhere on the floor or in the building. Here are some creative, yet safe ways of arranging furnishings in order to save space and maximize the amount of open floor space:
• Bunk any unbunked bed or elevate it on hard plastic bed risers (at your cost-no cinder blocks)
• Make an 'L' formation with two beds, or dressers or desks
• Use your refrigerator as a nightstand
• Make use of all flat surfaces (tops of desks, dressers, refrigerators, etc.)
• Move dresser or shelves into your closet
• Hang a shoe organizer inside your closet
Each student should restrict the items he/she brings to campus, particularly by leaving least essential items at home. A practical rule of thumb would be to restrict your possessions to what fits in/on your desk, dresser and closet/wardrobe. Hanging space for clothing will be particularly limited. Roommates are strongly encouraged to speak with one another prior to move-in day and to ensure that unnecessary duplications (e.g., TV, stereo, fan, etc.) are avoided. Families who travel to campus for move-in day should plan to take back home with them items such as empty trunks and suitcases.

I have been assigned to a designated triple for the fall semester. Am I guaranteed to be de-tripled for the Spring?

Tripling may last until the beginning of the spring semester.  Most residents will receive a detripling offer by the end of the fall semester. Reassignment will be offered to all three residents collectively. It will be up to all three residents to decide who is going to accept the new space. Once the resident receives notice of their new assignment, they can immediately sign in and start moving.

What items/pieces of furniture are provided to residential students in triple rooms?

Triple Bedroom-Extended Housing triple (three students provisionally sharing a standard double bedroom)
- 3 bedframes
- 3 mattresses
- 3 dressers
- 3 computer desks w/ 3 desk chairs
- 3 closets/wardrobes
Standard Triple Bedroom (three students residing in a standard triple bedroom)
- 3 bedframes
- 3 mattresses
- 3 dressers
- 3 computer desks w/ 3 desk chairs
- 3 closets/wardrobes

How can I apply for a room change if I'm not happy with the room to which I'm assigned?

During the first two weeks of the semester, there is a room freeze that allows time for the residential staff to confirm where all residents live and to identify vacancies, if any exist. After the room freeze ends, a student not assigned to temporary housing (i.e. temporary triple) who wishes to make a room change must contact their Residence Life Coordinator to make arrangements to switch rooms. You may also add your name to the waitlist by filling out our waitlist form. 

Freshmen interested in changing rooms are limited based on extenuating circumstances and space availability. Nearly every room change during the fall semester will be a one-to-one exchange with another resident, due to the fact that the fall semester typically starts with residents in extended housing.

I don't have to pay the same price for housing as everybody else, do I?

Each student living in a triple pays less than those students living in a double rooms for the full period that the room is assigned as a triple. The full list of housing fees can be found on the Housing Rates section of our website.

Billing will be prorated dependent upon how long you remain in the triple space. At this time we have billed you for a double space and Regis will credit your account $37.50 each week that you remain in the triple space. Credits will be applied to your account two weeks after you move in. If you remain in the triple space for the entire semester a $600 credit will be given to you on Dec. 1, 2017 which will be applied to your student account. 

  • Students placed in these rooms will receive a concession of $37.50 per week while they are in the triple.
  • This concession will be placed on student accounts once they are un-tripled
  •  · i.e. if a student is in a triple for 4 weeks and then space opens in a double all residents in the triple will receive $150 ($37.50/week*4weeks) credit on their student account. 
  • We consider double as triple rooms temporary and concession is only when there are three students living in the room.
  • Students should budget for a double room because we can move overcapacity students around until move in day. This can occur when we are notified of students no longer in need of housing.
  • I'm worried my grades might suffer because I've got these extra roommates. Does that happen to students in triples?

    Not in our experience at Regis University and not according to a number of national research studies done over the years. Per a review of six studies by John Foubert, the research has concluded that academic performance does not suffer when students are in tripled rooms and that grade point averages are no different for these students than for others in residence halls.

    Studies also show that being tripled does not affect students' adjustment to college life and that tripled students are as likely as others to participate in student organizations and to report satisfaction with their academic and social experiences. Students do report that privacy and personal space are impacted and they may spend less time in their rooms studying than other students, but that academic performance overall is consistent with other residence hall students, regardless of living environment.

    Pictures of Triples

    O'Connell Hall Triple Rooms

    O'Connell Hall Triple

    O'Connell Hall Triple

    West Hall Triple Rooms

    West Hall Triple

    West Hall Triple

    West Hall Triple

    Room Layouts

    O'Connell Overoccupied Triple

    OConnell Overoccupied Triple

    O'Connell Triple

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