Debate Team

The Regis University Debate Team competes in British Parliamentary (BP) Debate, which is the format used at the World University Debating Championship each year.  This format features four debating teams with two supporting and two opposing the topic. The topic changes each round meaning that teams will not debate the same topic more than once at a tournament.  Mixing impromptu and research-heavy techniques BP Debate offers a format that is open to a wide variety of majors and interests, allowing us to best use Regis to support our Debating team. 

What makes Regis unique is our dedication to the Jesuit Values that are the foundation of our school as a whole.  As a debate team we are always looking for opportunities to be “men and women in the service of others.”  Due to this, in addition to debate practice and competition, debaters spend time working outside the classroom to support local community programming that increases access to debate/education as a whole.  Regis debaters lead other student organizations on campus, and are key voices informing the student body on issues of politics, community, and social justice. 

Students pay no cost of their travel to attend or register at tournaments.  All costs are covered by the team and the coach will work to support all travel needs on the team.  There is no cost of membership to join or be a part of the team. Interested undergraduate students need only attend one of the Debate Team's regular meetings.  For more information please contact Jon Denzler at


Travel Schedule 2016 - 2017

San Diego State University IV

Colorado College IV

Seattle University Open

Trinity IV (Dublin)

Pan-American Championships

US Universities Western Championships

US Universities Championships