My teaching and research focuses on Spanish language, literature, and culture, subjects that I believe can improve students’ lives in tangible ways by connecting them to the world at large. 

My research focuses on Spanish literature of sixteenth-century Spain, particularly the drama of the period, including works by Miguel de Cervantes, Lope de Vega, and Pedro Calderón de la Barca. I am currently completing an edition and translation of Antonio de Guevara’s Menosprecio de corte y alabanza de aldea (1539), a work that celebrates the virtues of rural life while disparaging the vices of the urban (and urbane) life of the court. I connect my research to the classroom by engaging students in creative writing, performance, and translation, activities that can bring great delight and meaning to our lives.

My publications include Staging Marriage in Early Modern Spain (Bucknell University Press, 2011), “‘Burlas en tiempo de tantas veras’: Humor and Violence in Lope’s Los melindres de Belisa.” Bulletin of the Comediantes, “The Song of History in Calderón’s El médico de su honra.” Bulletin of the Comediantes. I received my M.A. at the University of California at Berkeley (1991) and my Ph.D at Harvard University (2002).

Curriculum Vitae