Core Studies for Adult and Online Learners

The School for Professional Advancement's core studies program is designed to help students succeed in their program and graduate with a solid foundation of liberal arts course work. Academic advising services are provided for all degree-seeking students, and your assigned academic success coach will provide you with complete and accurate information to ensure your core studies requirements are met.

Core Study Areas

Undergraduate students in the School for Professional Advancement are required to take 45-49 credit hours of coursework that satisfy the following core studies requirements. Core studies requirements may also be satisfied through transfer credit or credits earned through examinations. The information below is subject to change; for the most up to date requirements please reference the Academic Catalog. Working with your academic success coach is critical to ensure the courses you take will satisfy your core studies requirements.

Oral and Written Communication (9 credit hours)
Courses in: English, Communications

Engagement with Literature and Arts (6 credit hours)
Courses in: English, Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts
3 credits must be from completion of HU 366: Leading Lives that Matter

Language and Global Awareness (6-8 credit hours)
Courses in: Modern and Classical Languages, Archaeology, History, Political Science, Economics, Geography, Social Science

Understanding Human Behavior, Diversity and Culture (6 credit hours)
Courses in: Anthropology, Economics, Eduation, History, Political Science, Psychology, Criminology, Peace and Justice Studies, Sociology, Social Work, Women's and Gender Studies

Quantitative Literacy (3-4 credit hours)
Courses in: Algebra (college-level or higher)

The Natural World (3-4 credit hours)
Courses in: Astronomy, Atmospheric Science, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Ecology, Environmental Science, Geology, Oceanography, Physical Geography, Physics

Philosophical Inquiry and Reflection (6 credit hours)
Courses in: Philosophy, Ethics

Exploring Religious Traditions (6 credit hours)
Courses in: Religious Studies, Theology

Applying Transfer Credit

Curious if your transfer credits will satisfy the core studies requirements? Visit our information for transfer students and request a transcript evaluation.