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Regis College

Home to the majority of our on-campus undergraduate programs and the School for Professional Advancement, Regis College serves as a model for liberal arts and science education in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition. Students in Regis College learn the value of critical thinking, communication and exploring the question, "How ought we to live?"

Intellectual, moral and spiritual growth through values-centered education.

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School for Professional Advancement

With programs designed specifically for adult and online learners looking to advance their professional lives, the School for Professional Advancement within Regis College offers flexibility, convenience and affordability so your education fits into your life. Whether you choose to take classes online or on campus during the evenings, School for Professional Advancement programs can help you reach your next step.

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Division of Education

Teaching is an increasingly complex and challenging profession, and it has never been more important to the success of our local and global communities. Programs in the Division of Education help future teachers develop the skills, expertise and resilience they need to teach all children. With its focus on justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, the Division of Education prepares teachers for the classrooms of today.

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Pre-Health Sciences

In the Regis College Pre-Health Sciences track, there are no set pre-health majors such as pre-med, pre-dental or pre-physical therapy. Rather, students are encouraged to choose an enjoyable major that will allow them to succeed while also meeting the prerequisite requirements for their graduate program ambitions. With the assistance of our dedicated pre-health advisors and advisory faculty, our pre-health graduates are positioned for success in completing their professional education and becoming principled health care professionals.


Anthropology, Sociology and Criminology

Gain a deeper appreciation for identity and diversity, as well as a new awareness of yourself. 


Become a scientist engaged in the world through interconnected teaching and research.


Study chemistry and conduct independent research alongside our faculty. 


Learn about messages and meaning-making as you explore the nature, processes and practices of face-to-face and mediated communication.

Creative Writing

A low-residency MFA in Creative Writing focused on writing in the world. 

Development Practice

Become a part of sustainable international development. 


Discover the transformative powers of reading and writing while cultivating critical skills. 

Environmental Studies

Gain both the breadth and depth necessary to solve complex environmental problems.

Fine and Performing Arts

Enrich, enliven and inspire through Regis' music and visual arts programs.

History, Politics and Political Economy

Think critically and communicate persuasively to become an agent for positive change.


Perfect your quantitative, analytic and critical abilities to develop problem-solving skills. 

Modern and Classical Languages

Develop the capacity to think and act globally in an internationally-connected world. 

Peace and Justice Studies

Become a global citizen who understands the interconnectedness of the human experience. 


Dig deep into the fundamental questions about ourselves and our place in society. 

Physical Education

Promote lifelong physical activity through sport, leisure, fitness and adventure activities. 

Physics and Astronomy

Study both scientific and technological critical-thinking to meet the social and engineering challenges of our times.

Psychology and Neuroscience

Discover how factors interact to affect behavior, mental processes and personal experiences. 

Religious Studies

Study the religious dimensions of human experience and the relationship between faith, reason and justice. 

Women's and Gender Studies

Examine how gender and other identities shape our human experience. 


First Year Experience and Core Studies

The First Year Experience program for undergraduate, full-time Regis College students is made up of three components designed to support your transition to the Regis culture and community. In addition to first-year advising, mentoring and orientation, all Regis College undergraduates must satisfy a core liberal arts curriculum designed to enrich your understanding of the world around you.


Academic Opportunities

As a Regis College student, there are a variety of distinctive programs and services that will broaden and enrich your collegiate experience. From internships and learning communities to our Honors Program and Summer Sessions, you'll be sure to find something unique and engaging.


Center for Integrative Learning

The Center for Integrative Learning collaborates across borders to imagine and implement deeply integrative, experiential, transdisciplinary, Jesuit learning in the service of a just and humane world.


Center for the Study of War Experience

The Center for the Study of War Experience aims to educate students about the complexities of war through the collection and preservation of oral history interviews with veterans and civilians who have been involved with or impacted by modern conflict.