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Student Accounts

A student account is the account Regis bills and collects from based on the account activity. Charges to your account consist of tuition, housing, meal plans and fees. Credits go to your student account in the form of payments, adjustments and financial aid.

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We understand that paying for college can be overwhelming at first. To help make this process easy and understandable, look through the valuable information provided below. Our Ranger Portal webpage also provides you with tools to manage your college expenses, college debt, loans, credit and more.

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Sponsored or Direct Billing

Sponsored or Direct Billing is when a private organization or government agency has established a billing arrangement with Regis University to cover a portion or all of a student’s tuition or fees.

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Student Accounts

Main Hall 4th Floor

8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Appointments are encouraged


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