I am ...

Every student who comes to Regis brings their unique talents, interests and worldview. The one thing they all have in common is that they are one of kind. What they don't all have in common is the kind of education that will work best for them. Some are recent high school grads looking for the quintessential college experience, some are busy working adults who need flexible and affordable options, and others are looking to level up their skills and careers with a certificate or graduate degree. The good news is that we've got you, whatever your situation. With over 130 programs, offered in various schedules and formats, chances are we have something that fits your life and your learning style. So, what kind of Regis student are you?

a First-Year Student

If you recently graduated from high school, or if you have attended some college but completed fewer than 30 credit hours, and you want to attend on-campus classes during the day, you are a First-Year Student. We can't wait to welcome you to your new home on our Northwest Denver campus!

an Adult Undergraduate Student

Some people take the less-traveled road to graduation, but we will support you, wherever you are on your personal journey. With our affordable and flexible online, accelerated and evening programs, generous transfer credit policy and robust student support services, we can help you balance your work and family responsibilities, while still earning a degree that will help you advance your skills and career.

a Graduate Student

If you've already completed your undergraduate degree, but are looking for a way to take your knowledge, skills and career to the next level, our graduate programs are for you. We offer master's and doctoral programs in disciplines like business, computing, education, health care, liberal arts and science, many of which are offered in flexible online or evening formats. Allow us to be the first to welcome you back to school!

Find the program that fits.

Our degree programs have a reputation for academic excellence and are nationally and globally recognized through awards, accreditation and faculty achievements. Whatever your needs, you can find a distinguished program here that meets them.