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Give to Regis

Your gift to Regis University opens the door of opportunity for our students. Whether you make a gift in support of scholarships, our faculty, an academic program, or the greatest needs of the University, your generosity has a profound and lasting impact.

As our communities and the world struggle with the impact of COVID-19, we ask for your direct support of some of the most pressing needs facing our students and our University during this global health emergency.

The Student Emergency Fund will help address COVID-19 related hardships faced by our students, such as helping cover unmet financial costs due to loss of employment, assisting students who may need to travel home, or aiding in any educational-related expenses.

The Regis University Excellence Fund or one of our College Excellence Funds will provide the flexible dollars our faculty and staff need to safely and adequately respond to this dynamic crisis.

Rangers, our students need assistance now more than ever. No gift is too small and every dollar makes a difference.

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Your support helps Regis transform student lives, attract top faculty, and solve global problems.

Donor Testimonials

Delores Devargas Schoonover

Dolores DeVargas-Schoonover ‘85

“As a Regis Alumna, I give back to my alma mater to help others like me succeed. When I attended Regis College, I had very limited resources as a Hispanic woman, and it was not a good feeling. Therefore, now that I am able to live comfortably, I would like to help others like me have a different experience and worry less in their college experience.”

Dan and Angie Wells

Don and Angie Wells

“We are proud parents of Thomas Wells, a 2015 graduate of Regis University. Thomas received a very generous scholarship to attend Regis and over the years we have continued to make contributions to the General Scholarship Fund so that other students have the same opportunity. We have been blessed with many gifts in this life and are very grateful to share them with Regis students.”

Jim Seibert

Jim Seibert, Math Professor, Regis College

“When I was a new faculty member and living paycheck-to-paycheck, I decided to give to Regis the minimum amount needed to be counted in the internal participation rate. My $5 per year didn’t make a difference by itself, but I knew that the internal rate was an important tool for convincing external donors that Regis is worth giving to and that small gifts added together make a difference. Now that I’m more financially stable, I’m happy to give more to the institution that has given me so much.”