Key Jesuit Values

The Mission of the University

As a Jesuit Catholic university, Regis seeks to build a more just and humane world through transformative education at the frontiers of faith, reason and culture.

Elements of the Mission

As a university, Regis draws from wellsprings of ancient wisdom and explores new horizons of thought and imagination to pursue truth, strive for justice, and cultivate beauty. In everything, Regis shepherds the development of the whole person in relation to the common good, asking, “How ought we to live?”

As Catholic, part of a global community of faith called to celebrate and embody God’s love in the world, Regis educates diverse students for lives of service and meaning, equips them with knowledge and skills to be discerning persons in solidarity with others, especially all who are poor or whose dignity has been violated, and empowers them to care for the Earth, our common home.

As Jesuit, rooted in an Ignatian spirituality of Christian discipleship and open to the sacred in all human cultures, Regis aspires to be a community of learners who labor for a transformed world and renewed ecosystem, and who journey as companions, responsible to each other.

Key Values in Jesuit Higher Education

Cura Personalis

Latin phrase meaning "care for the person," cura personalis is having concern and care for the personal development of the whole person. This implies a dedication to promoting human dignity and care for the mind, body and spirit of the person.


Latin meaning the “more,” magis embodies the act of discerning the greater good in a given situation to better glorify or serve God. Magis does NOT mean to always do or give “more” to the point of exhaustion. Magis is the value of striving for the better, striving for excellence.

Men and Women For and With Others

This value embodies a spirit of giving and providing service to those in need and standing with the poor and marginalized. We are encouraged to pursue justice on behalf of all persons.

Unity of Mind and Heart

Our hearts and minds are not divided; they are congruent when the whole person is educated and engaged. This speaks to the diversity of people who go forth to set the world on fire with the Ignatian mission all across the world.

Contemplatives in Action

Although we are thoughtful and philosophical, we do not merely think about social problems, we take action to address them. Developing the habit of reflection centers and strengthens one's spiritual life and guides our actions.

Finding God in All Things

This may be the one phrase that sums up Ignatian Spirituality. It invites a person to search for and find God in every circumstance of life; God is present everywhere and can be found in all of creation.