Forms and Publications

Most of our forms are interactive, meaning you can key in the required information while online. After printing your form, be sure to sign it before emailing or mailing it to Financial Aid.

All Regis University forms must be downloaded using Adobe Reader. Please first download this free Adobe Reader application before attempting to fill out our forms. If you are still having difficulties, call ITS at 303.458.4050.



Financial Aid Forms

Authorization to Request COF Stipends

Change of Address, Email Address or Phone Number

Citizenship Affidavit

Colorado Residency Form 

Cost of Attendance (COA) Appeal Form

Credit Balance Hold Form
If a credit balance exists on your account and you would prefer to leave it there for any future charges, rather than receive a refund, log in to WebAdvisor under the Student Forms Menu to fill out and submit this form. 

Dependency Override Appeal Form


FAFSA On Time Appeal Form

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form

Selective Service Verification Form

Student Withdrawal Clearance Letter Form


2020-21 Asset and Investment Form

2020-21 Dependent Institutional Verification Form

2020-21 Independent Institutional Verification Form

2020-21 Income Appeal Form

2020-21 Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose

2020-21 Revision Form

2020-21 TEACH Grant Application

2020-21 Unusual Enrollment History Review

ASSET Application

Student Accounts Forms

PLUS Refund Authorization for Parents

Fall 2019 RPO for Regis College - Automatic Payments Only 

Fall 2019 RPO for RHCHP - Automatic Payments Only

Many Student Accounts Forms, including the Check Reissuance Request, Credit Balance Hold form and Student Book Voucher form, can be found by going to WebAdvisor, logging in and going to the Students menu. These forms can be accessed under the Student Forms Menu.



MPN and Loan Counseling

Federal Master Promissory Note (MPN)

Learn more about the Federal Direct Student Loan Promissory Note and the Federal Perkins Promissory Note.

Federal Loan Counseling
Receive Federal Direct Student Loan Entrance Counseling and Federal Direct Loan Exit Counseling to help you navigate through receiving and paying loans.


Financial Aid Publications

Traditional Students

Financial Aid 2018-2019 Handbook

Financial Aid 2017-18 Handbook

Your Federal Parent PLUS Loan

Financial Aid Information for Pharmacy Students

Financial Aid Information for Physical Therapy Students

Your Federal Parent PLUS Loan

Adult Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Financial Aid 2018-2019 Handbook

Financial Aid 2017-2018 Handbook

Your Federal Graduate PLUS Loan

Your Federal Parent PLUS Loan

Bachelor's To Master's Programs

Accelerated BSN Students

Choice BSN Students

Accelerated BSN Students - January 2017


Location, Contact Info and Hours

Financial Aid

Main Hall 4th floor

Office Hours:
8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Counselor Hours:
Walk-ins accepted from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Appointments are encouraged


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