Peace and Justice Studies Department

Peace and Justice Studies is an interdisciplinary department that provides students opportunities to explore complex social justice and peace issues from the perspective of multiple disciplines. Students acquire depth of learning through the integration and application of ideas within those disciplines. The Peace and Justice Studies program offers rigorous academic study promoting critical analysis, dialogue and nonviolent approaches to domestic and foreign policy issues. There is both a local and global emphasis in exploring issues of justice and peace for the common good.

Regis College's major and minor in Peace and Justice Studies weave together classes from 12 academic departments, and are designed to be consistent with the Jesuit mission of service to others and to provide an academically rigorous course of study in the scholarly and interdisciplinary field of peace and justice. The programs introduce students to issues of injustice and violence, conflict resolution and the practice of nonviolence, social change theory and community organizing, case studies of social movements as well as historical, philosophical, economic and religious perspectives of peace and justice. Service learning and community internships are integrated into the academic programs.

Students and alumnae of Peace and Justice Studies at Regis promote these values through leadership, contributions to the improvement and transformation of society, distinguished professional work, and service. The pursuit of truth, by questioning, "How ought we to live?" is an integral aspect of the curriculum.

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Degrees & Programs



  • Minor in Conflict Transformation
  • Minor in Peace and Justice Studies

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Geoffrey Bateman

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