Modern and Classical Languages Department


Language skills help make connections that lead to sounder critical thinking and clearer insight into one’s own language and can impact the world. Through the development of linguistic and cultural competencies, our students expand their appreciation of cultural expression in literature, fine arts, history and contemporary issues. Opportunities to travel and enroll in courses abroad provide Regis College students the chance to gain a deeper appreciation of language and culture.

Foreign language acquisition and the study of diverse cultures and histories are an important means to developing the capacity to think and act globally in an ever-changing, internationally connected world. The combination of a foreign language degree with another major or minor is a good choice for students interested in combining advanced knowledge of foreign languages with study of other fields leading to expanded employment opportunities. Proficiency in a foreign language and awareness of different cultures are valuable assets in many majors and careers, including health care, education, international relations, international business and banking, journalism and mass communication, government, justice studies and law. 

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Available Minors

  • French
  • Spanish
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Tertulia is an opportunity for all members of the Regis Community to practice Spanish in a fun, informal setting. Stop by Walker's Pub every Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and practice your language skills.

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Meet the Modern and Classical Languages Faculty

Ian Oliver, Ph.D.
Ian Oliver, Ph.D.

Term Instructor

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Obdulia Castro, Ph.D.
Obdulia Castro, Ph.D.


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Gabriela  Carrión, Ph.D.
Gabriela Carrión, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

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 Wladimir  Márquez Jiménez
Wladimir Márquez Jiménez

Assistant Professor

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