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Philosophy Department

Regis College’s Philosophy department offers a curriculum of study fostering exploration in ethics, social-political philosophy, and the history of philosophy. Our department’s work is deeply rooted in Regis’s mission and vision, and we see philosophy as primarily concerned with the question at the heart of Jesuit education: “How ought we to live?” From introductory courses to advanced majors seminars, students in Philosophy courses at Regis learn how to read difficult texts deeply and critically, how philosophy informs their engagement with the world, and how philosophy might be used as a tool in service of responding to injustice and suffering where it appears. Our unique approach is also evidenced in the department’s contribution to the broader curriculum of Regis College, and our commitment to supporting student excellence both in and out of the classroom.

Philosophy majors have the skills to undertake any professional activity. The critical reading, writing and thinking skills serve majors well in law, business, teaching, civil service, journalism, technology, and graduate school. Graduates of Regis's Philosophy department have successful careers in academia and law, in the non-profit sector, in the hospitality industry, and in IT. Alumni of Regis College's Philosophy department have been admitted to graduate programs in Philosophy and other areas of the Humanities.


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Department Chair
Abigail Gosselin, Professor
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Available Minors

  • Philosophy 
  • Ethics, Politics, and Society