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Religious Studies Department

Rooted in Catholic tradition, we engage in dialogue with diverse traditions and academic approaches to the study of religion. We strive to engage in genuine search for truth through conversation between faith and reason, critically examine religious dimensions of human knowledge and experience with particular emphasis on theological inquiry, explore how faith promotes justice, support and challenge students to become authentically free human beings with an ability and desire to understand and serve our world—especially through constructive dialogue with its diverse religious and humanistic traditions, and collaborate with each other as well as faculty from across the College in our teaching, research, and service for the common good.

Come explore a place where spirituality isn’t just an extracurricular – it’s an essential part of your unique college experience. At Regis University, every religious studies class, faith-sharing group, meditation session, Mass, retreat and interfaith prayer service is an opportunity to see yourself, your faith and the world in a new way.

Catholic Studies at Regis College identify, develop and support learning opportunities for increased understanding and appreciation of the religious, intellectual, and cultural dimensions of the Roman Catholic tradition among Regis students and in the wider university community. Catholic Studies draw on the contributions of the various academic disciplines and on interdisciplinary and college-wide resources. Its development will be guided above all by the focus on human culture, dignity and justice articulated by the Second Vatican Council in its discussion of the Church in the modern world. Catholic Studies will seek to provide students with the intellectual foundations and practical experiences necessary to prepare them for lives of service in Church and society.

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Department Chair
Julia Brumbaugh, Associate Professor
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Degrees and Programs



  • Minor in Religious Studies 
  • Minor in Christian Leadership
  • Minor in Catholic Studies

Ignation Religious Leadership Award

Here, your spiritual journey matters. That’s why we offer the Ignatian Scholarship for Contemplation in Action for incoming Religious Studies majors who are active in ministry or service. Because we want you to ask the big questions, deepen your spirituality and use your talents to make an impact on the world.