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Communication Department

Today when objective and biased news sources are intermingled, when people spend more time on devices than they do connecting face-to-face, and when conflict characterizes our cultural narratives, we need, more than ever, a dimensional understanding of communication in all of its interdependent aspects.

The Department of Communication works to increase our understanding of the nature, processes, and practices of face-to-face and mediated communication. We use a variety of theoretical and applied approaches to engage students in examining communication in diverse contexts, including interpersonal, group, organizational, and media studies. In the Jesuit tradition, we facilitate exploration of communication issues and dilemmas with the goal of creating communication practices for the common good.

In addition to an outstanding faculty of scholars and cultural critics, students interact with experienced broadcast producers, international public relations specialists, media activists, business communication professionals, conflict management experts, scriptwriters and storytellers, accomplished masters of debate and argumentation and other public speakers.

Graduates are well-equipped for master’s programs or rewarding careers in marketing, public relations, media production, audio production, social media management, education, business and nonprofit management, law, real estate, community service, sports, sales, health care, event planning, the arts and more.

Robert Margesson, department chair
Department Chair
Robert Margesson, Associate Professor
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Degrees and Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Minor in Communication