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Nothing in the world is accomplished without clear and effective communication. Our accelerated B.A. in Communication equips you with the skills needed to shape the outreach strategy and public relations for organizations of all sizes. Discover the role communication plays in all aspects of human life, as you hone your existing skills and acquire new expertise.

Through engaging course work and faculty mentorship, you’ll gain new abilities in the areas of self-reflection, critical and creative thinking, and community outreach. Push yourself to learn more, broaden your expertise and fulfill your professional potential as a skillful communicator. You can also fast-track your education with our combined bachelor’s to master’s pathway, earning both degrees at a faster pace and more affordable cost via our FastForward program.

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Program Snapshot

Program Format
Online or on-campus courses
5- or 8-week terms

Transfer Friendly
Transfer up to 78 credits

Key Dates
Starts are offered in January, March, May, July, August and October

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Mediators serve as neutral and non-biased negotiators for all parties involved in a dispute. Mediators may choose to specialize in a specific area of mediation such as work labor unions or child protection services.


Sales Representatives are responsible for the sales of products and services. Sales Representatives should expect to be in communication with previous customers and be building relationships with new customers.

Community and Public Relations

Community and Public Relations Specialists are responsible for community outreach, building relationships and partnerships and fundraising. The main purpose of a Community and Public Relations Specialist is to create the company or organization's desired image or reputation within the community.


Journalists write and publish news stories and media articles that will capture their audience and accurately communicate information to the community at large. Journalists should expect their works to be found in newspapers, magazines and online.

Government and Politics

Politicians and elected officials represent the people at all levels of government, make policy decisions that support their constituents and communicate the impact of these policies to the media and communities which they serve.

Television and Broadcasting

Careers in television and broadcasting include being a sports announcer, being the public face of a news broadcast or being the host of a radio show. Television and broadcasting employees are expected to stay up to date on current events and be able to discuss prominent issues that our world is facing.

By the Numbers

New communications jobs by 2032*
National median salary for media and communication occupations*
Estimated annual losses attributed to poor corporate communication**

*U.S. Bureau of Labor, media and communication occupations, 2022

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Combine Your Bachelor's and Master's with the Regis FastForward Program

The FastForward program at Regis enables you to earn both a bachelor's and master's degree at the same time and get on the fast track to success. Through our dual degree combination options, you can complete both degree programs at a faster pace and a more affordable cost.

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COM 400A: Interpersonal Communication

Explores the concepts of language and meaning, verbal and nonverbal communication perception and establishing positive human relationships in face-to-face contexts.

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COM 437: Persuasion, Influence and Motivation

Examines the ability to influence others through communication skills, attitudes and competencies associated with powerful personal and professional persuasion.

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COM 444: Emotions in Communication & Conflict

Draws on brain research to understand how emotions contribute to the development and escalation of conflict as well as how professionals manage the communication of strong emotions during conflict.

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  • Official transcripts from prior college(s)
  • Prior college credit OR equivalent work experience

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Tuition for the 2024-2025 academic year: $515 per credit hour
Total program credits: 105-141 (credits taken at Regis University will vary based on your number of transfer credits)
Tuition is one part of the overall cost of attendance, which includes all expenses students may have, including basic living costs. For more information about tuition, fees and your estimated cost of attendance, visit our Cost of Attendance for Adult Undergraduates and Graduate Students page. Tuition and fees are subject to change.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Communication is offered by the School for Professional Advancement within Regis College.