telescope on Regis quad with Main Hall in the background

Physics and Astronomy Department

Technology with Ethical & Moral Values

The Physics and Astronomy department educates the next generation of scientific and technology leaders within a moral, ethical and intellectually stimulating environment. Graduates are prepared not just for the technological challenges of the workplace but also for the exciting science that will drive the next generation of solutions. The focus on both science and technology creates critical-thinking, well-rounded individuals that can participate and positively influence both the social and engineering challenges of our times. Study both scientific and technological critical-thinking while positively influencing both the social and engineering challenges of our times.

Physics and Astronomy addresses fundamental questions about the physical and informational nature of the universe. How do conservation principles guide physical interactions and information processing? What is the structure of matter, space, energy, time, and information?  In addition to a solid grounding in each discipline, the department addresses modern concepts that cross both boundaries. What are the physical limits to information, can computation happen without loss of energy, is the universe itself a computer (as proposed by many)?

Physics and Astronomy are rare disciplines that train you for a staggering array of possibilities. You can be an engineer working on a Mars rover, an architect, a crime scene investigator, a computational biologist, a banker, a high school teacher, a video game designer, a social worker, a geophysicist, a web designer, or a .com-style millionaire.