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Biology Department

Our Mission is to educate students to be scientists engaged in the world.  We offer an exceptional learning experience in the Jesuit Tradition of academic rigor and value-centered education, in which students acquire the skills, knowledge and broader understanding necessary to prepare them for a variety of careers and for fulfilling lives as leaders in the service of others.  To do this we endeavor to teach students the nature of scientific inquiry, the fundamentals of modern biology (from molecules to ecosystems), and how to put that knowledge into the larger context of the students' lives.  The recognition that inquiry is at the heart of science means that we not only strive to teach students biology but we strive to teach students how to be responsible biologists.

We believe that teaching, research and the professional environment are interconnected.  Students develop their own independent research projects in laboratory courses to prepare them for independent work in professional settings.  Students are encouraged to participate in research with faculty members or outside of Regis.  Students are encouraged to participate in internships outside of Regis to explore their professional options and gain important experience in scientific, health, environmental, government and professional settings. 

Jay Campisi, department chair
Department Chair
Jay Campisi, Associate Professor