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Psychology and Neuroscience Department

The Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Regis University is a collaborative community of scholars, students, and staff working together to examine and understand the forces driving behavior and mental processes and behavior.  This collaborative, hands-on, integrative, demanding, and energetic environment provides students with the experiences necessary to impact both the scientific community and the society at large.  Stated simply, our students develop the skills necessary for success in their persona, professional, and scientific lives.   

The department aims to provide the students with educational experiences necessary for success in a diverse set of fields.  This includes experiences that will 1) enhanced understanding and knowledge of the factors driving human behavior, 2) enables students to analyze, evaluate and develop  theories, methods and data in psychology or neuroscience, and 3) enables effective application of these skills to their personal and professional lives.

The department has laboratory space for teaching and for research activities. These facilities provide undergraduate students with excellent opportunities to conduct research in biopsychology, cognition, perception, social psychology, child development, neuropsychology, behavioral neuroscience and other areas of psychology and neuroscience. The psychology and neuroscience labs offer students and opportunity to work with state of the art equipment. These opportunities have helped build a long tradition of Regis students presenting their research at regional and national conferences and have led many students to earn co-authorship of research papers published in scientific journals. These research experiences and opportunities provide majors and minors with real world experience that enhance job and graduate school opportunities.

Mark Basham, department chair
Department Chair
Mark Bashman, Associate Professor
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