Plan. Prepare. Respond.

Regis University regularly hosts and participates in emergency management exercises and seminars.  Regis personnel collaborate with numerous local, state and federal first response and emergency management agencies in their efforts to keep the community safe and informed in the event of a disaster or other critical incident.  

Regis University holds periodic drills and exercises on campus.  These drills and exercises may be as simple as a Tabletop exercise or as complex as a full-scale exercise.  The intent of each of these activities is to prepare and plan for real-life critical incidents by discussing and testing our plans, identifying and correcting gaps and seeking opportunities to partner with off-campus agencies to attempt to ensure that our respective responses compliment each other.

Campus Safety and other Regis employees take classes from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in order to enhance their ability to respond during an incident and expand their skill set in the emergency management arena.