Dayton Memorial Library at Lowell Campus

The  Auxiliary and Business Services office works closely with University Campus Safety, Physical Plan, Student Life, Resident Life and other University groups to prepare the campus community for an emergency disaster through a detailed Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).

Preparing for an emergency can make a huge difference in regards to the outcome of the event. Take action by researching and creating a plan. The items below provide resources and suggestions on where to get started.

  • Sign up to receive RU Alert text and/or email messages
  • Take part in building evacuation (fire) drills
  • Know what to do in the event of a campus or building lockdown, lockout or shelter in place alert.
  • Know where to go in a campus building in the event of a severe storm or weather.
  • Look for and listen carefully to any emergency communication message or test of an emergency system so that you recognize emergency communications when you see and hear them.
  • Attend training and education courses to learn more about emergency preparedness at Regis University

In an emergency, there are two main points to note:

  1. What is the emergency, where is the emergency taking place, and when did it begin?
  2. Information to help you protect yourself. Where should you go, what should you do, and is there anyone you need to contact?

Regis University has a multi-tiered emergency communication system designed to quickly send out emergency information to students, faculty and staff.

Download full instructions for using RU Alert.

  • Regis University's Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) is distributed to emergency responders both inside and outside the University.
  • For security reasons the full EOP is not published on the Regis University website. A summary of the EOP can be found in the link below.
  • The EOP has detailed emergency response protocols and procedures to respond to a variety of man made and natural disaster/emergencies which could befall the University.

Regis University has a group of trained and experienced professionals who will respond in the event of a campus emergency. This Emergency Response Team consists of members from the University Campus Safety, Physical Plant, Information Technology, Resident Life, Campus Counseling Services, Dining, Auxiliary and Business Services, Finance and Budget, University Relations, Brand Marketing and Senior Administration.

Members of this response team take part in planned tabletop exercises and/or mock emergency drills on a periodic basis to gain experience in working together and with other emergency responders.

Regis University works closely with external emergency planners/responders, to share best practices, resources, and plans for an emergency that could befall Regis University and the surrounding communities.