Regis University Risk Management Committee maintains an Emergency Operations Training Plan that compliments the RU Emergency Operation Plan (EOP). Training is accomplished though live operational drills, table top exercises, walk through, an department training events, including university administration, student services, university departments, and when required, surrounding regional partners.

Regis University uses the FEMA guidelines for higher education institutions as the guiding principle for the EOP, its training and development.


On May 7, 2018 a tabletop exercise involving an active shooter scenario was presented to the President's Cabinet.  This exercise was planned in advance and announced to the players.

On July 24, 2018 personnel from Regis University will participate as observers in a tabletop exercise presented by the Denver Office of Emergency Management, hosted at Regis University.


Training, Drills, and Plan

Trainings and drills are developed in cooperation’s with RU administration and department and are implemented through identified times and dates that do not severely impact university operations. Additional emergency events and incidents that may occur on the RU campuses are also documented. As new equipment and personnel changes take place additional trainings and drills are added to the strategic plan. The schedules and planned activities are part of the Auxiliary and Business Services Training Plan guided by:

  • Regis University Emergency Operations Plan
  • Regis University President and Risk Management Committee
  • Homeland Security and FEMA requirements as related to higher educational institutions
  • National Incident and Management System (NIMS) Implementation Activities for Higher Education Institutions
  • National Weather Services and seasonal potential for severe weather

Most important, the training and drills are conducted to significantly enhance progress toward meeting the overarching goal of Regis University; to provide for the safety and security of Regis University students, employees, campus visitors, and the surrounding Regis community.