Live. Learn. Build Community.

students making food in a dorm kitchen  

Magis Communities are Learning Communities at Regis University for first-year students with a commitment to academic excellence, leadership development, service and volunteerism, appreciation for diversity, and a commitment to a stronger Regis community. All students participating in Magis communities co-enroll in one fall and one spring semester class with other Magis students around the community they identify with.

First Year Experience and Student Housing and Residential Engagement (SHaRE) offers three learning communities to all students living on campus or off campus as a commuter student. All interested students must apply for the community they are interested in the housing application process (this applies to commuter students as well).

En/Route First-year students

Known as one of Regis College’s most transformative experiences, En/Route is a learning community that focuses on new students becoming active members of the Regis community by exploring how three basic aspects of human life— speaking, doing, and thinking—fruitfully relate to one another. By integrating the classroom with 3 to 4 hours of weekly fieldwork at a local program or agency this program works to promote justice in the Denver area.

Justice In Action

Students examine identities through multiple lenses, understand what social justice means from a Jesuit perspective, and attend workshops around leadership and
social change.

Colorado Outdoor Recreation Experience (CORE)

Passionate about the outdoors and want to live among others who share that interest? Students participate in outdoor safety and sustainability activities, and easy-to-moderately strenuous activities including hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, skiing and snowboarding.

The purpose of this LLC is to provide an environment that supports student growth and development, community standards, scholarship, civility, citizenship, service and leadership. This community focuses on the question at the heart of the University's mission: "How ought we to live?

All students will have the opportunity to apply for the Living Learning programs when completing their housing applications. The students will then be notified of whether or not they are accepted before the housing process is complete. 

Please note, if you are accepted to an LLC, you can only be roommates with another member of that same LLC. You will not be able to see people in the roommate search process that are in the other LLC, or that are not involved in an LLC at all.

Please see the questions below for applying to your particular LLC so that your short answer responses may be prepared in advance.

  1. What focus will you and your housemates bring to the Ignatian community and why should you be selected as members?
  2. How would your house exemplify leadership in the context of Jesuit Higher Education?
  3. What type of service projects would your house focus on and how would you encourage others to attend your projects?
  4. What would be your expectations of your house and fellow houses in the Ignatian community?
  5. A central tenant of Jesuit Education resides in the question of "how ought we to live?" How will your Ignatian home embody this tenant and put it into action over the course of the year?
  6. Who has agreed to be your Faculty Advisor for the academic year and how are you going to include them the development of your Ignatian home?

Email with questions about the LLCs or the application process.