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Brave Space Training

This training is given by members of the Queer Resource Alliance (QRA) for the purpose of creating an inclusive, equitable, and supportive environment for community members of all orientations and gender identities by providing leadership, education, and advocacy related to challenges and issues faced by Regis LGBTQIA+ faculty, staff, and students. 

Brave Space is a 3-hour workshop modeled after the Safe Zone programs common at colleges across the country. Our training curriculum was developed by Regis faculty, staff, and students to meet the needs of our particular community and to incorporate our Jesuit ideals of cura personalis and care for the marginalized and oppressed. The training includes self-reflection and self-exploration, terminology practice, empathy-building, and case scenario role-playing. At the end of the training, participants receive a rainbow triangle badge that they can put on their office door to signal that they have completed the training, which is a helpful indicator to some community members who say they always assume a person is not LGBTQIA-friendly unless they get a clear sign otherwise.

The Queer Resource Alliance will be hosting two open Brave Space queer inclusivity trainings this fall. A faculty training is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 14, 9 a.m.-12 p.m. in Claver room 202. A staff training is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 17, 9 a.m.-12 p.m. in the Regis Room. If you would like to RSVP for one of these trainings, please email RSVP soon, as spots will go fast! 

Please send other inquiries to for more information about QRA or to schedule a Brave Space Training for your office or student group.

Undocumented Student Resources

A collection of helpful materials for undocu/DACAmented students, their families, their educators, and their allies. This collection is a work in progress and we encourage further research into the sites of the organizations mentioned here.

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This History of Inequity reading list has been curated by the librarians at Dayton Memorial Library as a selection of materials addressing issues relating to diversity, inclusion, inequity, and oppression from across disciplines and decades. Most of these resources are written from a scholarly/academic perspective, and many of these items are intersectional in nature and will fall within more than one category.