Connecting Employers with Students & Alumni

Regis University Center for Career and Professional Development is the link between our students and alumni, and employers. You play a vital role in the services we offer. We are dedicated to support you in meeting your employment needs with qualified candidates. We offer many free services to assist you, such as posting your jobs on our online CareerLink system, as well as arranging for information sessions, lobby tables and on-campus interviews.

To get started as a new recruiter with Regis, please register on CareerLink or contact our office at 303-458-3508.

Your job announcements for positions appropriate for college students and alumni can be posted through our online CareerLink system. Students and alumni who are registered with CareerLink will be able to access the job listings.

To post your job with Regis University on CareerLink:

  • If you are new to our system please register on CareerLink

  • Employers already registered with CareerLink can log in and post positions in the system. If you need assistance, please contact the Center for Career and Professional Development by calling 303-458-3508 or emailing


  • Email your job announcement with the following information to the Center for Career and Professional Development at
    • Organization Name:
    • Website:
    • Street Address:
    • City, State and Zip:
    • Work Phone:
    • Company Description (No character limit):
    • Job Title:
    • Job Location:
    • Paid or Unpaid (for internships only):
    • Salary (optional):
    • Job Description:
    • Job Qualifications:
    • Application Instructions:
    • Application Deadline:



Employers who recruit at Regis University find our students and alumni have:

Excellent leadership qualities

  • Our curriculum includes classes, seminars, internships, and community service, all of which provide a leadership laboratory atmosphere to foster practical skills.

Real world experience

  • Regis University has a strong academic internship program with over 125 sites in private industry, government, international markets, and human service organizations.
  • Our adult students bring a wealth of direct work experience.

Effective communication skills

  • Our courses place an emphasis on writing, research and class presentations.
  • Active participation in campus and community activities helps our students become excellent communicators both orally and in writing.

Good judgment and problem solving skills

  • Our courses teach analytical thinking and offer practical experience in problem solving.

A commitment to community service and individual responsibility

  • Regis University has unique volunteer projects in Mexico and Belize, as well as local programs that provide tutoring and student-directed athletic clinics.
  • Many of Regis’ courses have a community service component.

Teamwork abilities

  • Many of our classes require collaborative learning projects. Through such experiences our students learn to be productive team members.

Learn more about Regis University and our available areas of study.

Employers must comply with the following guidelines in order to be eligible to conduct any recruiting activities at Regis University, which includes employer services made available by the Center for Career and Professional Development:

  • Recruiting activities must be conducted to fill current or near-term job opportunities appropriate for students, recent college graduates, and/or more experienced alumni, or to present to such persons employment related information about the employer in anticipation of future hiring needs.
  • Placement fees cannot be charged to applicants.
  • Employers must comply with all applicable federal and state employment laws and regulations, including, without limitation, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Act, and with the employer recruiting guidelines of the National Association of Colleges and Employers.
  • Employers cannot recruit for “commission only” jobs, unless a paid training period is provided.

The Center for Career and Professional Development reserves the right to approve/disapprove any employer’s access to recruiting at Regis University, including access to employer services made available by the Center for Career and Professional Development.