At The Learning Commons, administrators, writing coaches, tutors, and office assistants guide students in their academic journey. Our writing coaches and tutors span a host of undergraduates, graduates, and post-graduates from multi cultural and educational backgrounds. They are formally hired and receive ongoing training to stay current with pedagogical practices and exercise Jesuit values. Together, and with passion, we are committed to:

  • Integrating collaboration, flexibility, and empathy while working with students
  • Communicating and demonstrating learning as a process for students
  • Fostering self-sustaining academic growth in students

What They Say About Us

"To the Regis Tutoring center, I just wanted to say thank you. I had the opportunity to work with Frank, Erica and James from the tutoring center. I found them to be very polite, professional and helpful. They challenged me and directed me to resources I never was aware of. They introduced me to formulas, ratios and financial web sites I never heard of. Most of all, they were very patient, and provided reliable feedback and support. I cannot thank your center enough and the three students that helped me with such a difficult class. I believe the center for writing and tutoring is extremely helpful; to students and teachers. Very grateful here!!! Please pass my appreciation on to James, Erica and Frank." - Ed Basquez, Business Administration Undergraduate

"Mike Walsh, Thank you! I wouldn't have made the grades I did without your assistance. I appreciate you taking the time to volunteer." - Brinn Winter, Interpersonal Communication and Psychology Graduate

"Jennie Babcock, I wish to give you a big "thank you” for reviewing my paper.  Your input is very valuable and I have learned to proof more precisely.  I hope to send reviews to you again in the future. Thank you for your valuable input."

"Thanks again to Jonathan [Weiss] who has taught me so much in writing my APA papers.  He teaches such that I can retain the information taught, correct my own mistakes, and improve my writing.  I had been out of college for 21 years prior to my current Regis experience and had not written an APA paper before.  I am not as intimidated by APA and writing mechanics." - Janie Rausch, Nursing Graduate

"I want to express my thanks to the writing center. Both Ameeta and CharLee have been so wonderful to me. It took some convincing from a professor to go the first time as I have always considered myself very bright and an A student. Their help has given me so much encouragement, support, confidence, and the edge to become a better writer. I will use them for every benchmark assignment. After graduation, I hope to write and speak, and [I] know I will dedicate a book to them someday!" - Daria Mann, Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate

"Thank you, Em [Helt], for taking time to evaluate my literature review. I found your comments very helpful in refining my work." - Graduate, College of Contemporary Liberal Studies

"I am very grateful for the writing tutors’ guidance, support, and encouragement with my research papers over the past year. I have worked extensively with CharLee [Toth], Em [Helt], and Jennie [Babcock]. Everyone provided me with detailed instruction and constructive feedback with kindness and encouragement. As an adult returning to college after 12 years the tutors have been an invaluable resource. Thank you for all sharing your expertise." - Sheila White, Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate

"I just want to thank you to both Naomi [Sellers], Noelle [Norris], and the front-desk staff that I don't know the name. It was my first time visiting TLC, and I must say I'm very impressed with the level of learning services that all of you provided. Noelle gave me some very helpful tips on APA format that I'm sure I will be using a lot throughout my academic career. I made an appointment online with Naomi by mistake but I received a response paper nonetheless. I was shocked by how much effort was put into the review document. The level of detail and constructive criticism is absolutely amazing. TLC is lucky to have such dedicated and passionate employees. Again, thank you guys for helping me out!" - Thien Nghiem, Data Science Graduate

"I can't tell you how helpful the Writing Center has been to me. I used to spend hours correcting students' grammar, sentence structure, organization, APA, etc. I was so frustrated; I often had to stop reading because I could not get past the first few paragraphs because of the errors. I began requiring all my students to schedule an appointment with a tutor and submit their first paper for critique and a writing refresher prior to turning it in for grading.  In fact, I will not accept a paper unless I receive a report from the tutor. What a huge difference! The quality of writing has so improved. The tutors have done such a great job, so much so that I now can concentrate on students' understanding of the content. You provide such a valuable service. Thank you!!!" - Kay Uchiyama, PhD, Associate Professor, Education Division, College of Contemporary Liberal Studies, Colorado Springs Campus