The Learning Commons

Every student learns differently. Effective learning comes from engaging in and committing to the process. Tutoring can guide you through this process in a range of subjects at introductory and intermediate levels. Take the first step to navigating information efficiently. Schedule an hour or 30-minute appointment to meet with a tutor online or in person.

What to Expect

We offer tutoring in a range of subjects, including math, chemistry, biology, physics, nursing, pharmacy, computer science, business, neuroscience, psychology, humanities, languages, communications, critical reading and study skills. We constantly strive to expand tutoring support.

Tutors help you navigate coursework effectively by providing strategies and resources to promote development of your short- and long-term study goals. Tutors will work with you one-on-one or in a group to develop content knowledge, practice study skills, and prepare for coursework, quizzes and exams.

Our tutors will:

  • Ask that you prep for sessions by attempting assigned texts/problems beforehand, having specific questions prepared, possessing an awareness of your in-class instruction and bringing necessary academic tools.
  • Ask you about your assignment and what your concerns are.
  • Collaborate on the session's agenda and navigate the content with you.
  • Guide you toward answers, but do not have all the answers.
  • Not complete/fix the work for you.
  • Not discuss grades with you. We do not guarantee grades.
  • Encourage you to be an active participant in the learning process so you can work independently in the future.

We understand that students and faculty have expectations for end results. While tutors can help students navigate coursework, they know it is challenging to learn everything in one session and prefer that students allow themselves time to work toward their study goals by planning for multiple appointments.

Tutoring Myths

MYTH. Tutors have/will give me all the answers.

FACT. Tutors do not have all the answers. While they can help with basics and more, it can be challenging for them to answer specific questions without preparation. Use the appointment form to better equip your tutor for your session. Similarly, tutors do not have ready-made answers to quizzes, tests, and exams.

MYTH. Tutors will do/fix my work for me.

FACT. Tutors cannot do/fix your homework for you; however, depending on the subject and your level of attention and participation, they will help you develop content knowledge, practice study skills, and better prepare for coursework, quizzes and exams.

MYTH. Tutors will have/know what I need for my session.

FACT. Tutors cannot know what you need and greatly appreciate students who prep for sessions beforehand, have specific questions about assigned texts/problems, have awareness of in-class instruction, and bring necessary tools (books, notes, formulas, calculators, assignments, rubrics, etc.).

MYTH. Tutoring is a substitute for class time or homework.

FACT. Tutoring is meant to enhance the time you spend in class and on homework, not replace it. Try your homework problems first, so you know what you really need help with to get the most out of your appointment.

MYTH. Tutoring is only for basic level classes.

FACT. We have tutors with experience in foundational and intermediate level classes. Check tutor bios on our appointment scheduler to find a tutor who fits your needs. If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.

MYTH. Tutoring is for last minute, emergency help.

FACT. Tutors will do their best to help in any given situation, but tutoring works best if you seek help early and often to reinforce your knowledge over time and prevent an academic crisis.

Also, remember that it is difficult to learn everything in one session. Give yourself and your tutor time to make your tutoring sessions productive.