The Learning Commons at Regis University.

Our coaches can help both graduate and undergraduate students write in any subject. Work one-on-one with a writing coach in either a 60-minute or 30-minute appointment. Coaches are available in person on the Northwest Denver Campus or online via paper drop-off or live chat. 

What to Expect

Work with us to:

  • Understand your assignment
  • Brainstorm
  • Organize your argument
  • Format and integrate your sources (quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing)
  • Learn revision and proofing strategies
  • Gain new perspective
During your session, we will cover some of the following together:
  • Talk about your assignment and what your concerns are.
  • Come up with a plan for the session and read the paper.
  • Read up to five pages in 30-minute sessions, or ten pages in 60-minute sessions, depending on the depth of feedback you would like and the format (double-spaced, 12-point font with 1” margins). Plan for follow-up appointments to ensure you get feedback on the whole paper or to get more feedback on the changes you made after your session.
  • Address up to two major and two minor concerns.
  • Discuss a path forward for your future independent writing.

To help you become confident writers:

  • We will refrain from writing your paper. It’s your assignment.
  • We will not correct every mistake in your papers; rather, we focus on error patterns and teach you to correct your own mistakes.
  • We will encourage your active participation in the session.
  • Before you go!

    We understand that students and faculty have expectations for the final written product, but discussing or guaranteeing grades is not part of the coaching process. Although we do not guarantee a perfect piece of writing, we coach students through writing techniques and provide resources to significantly help improve their writing skills.

    Writing Center Myths

    MYTH. I need to have a finished product to go to the WC.

    FACT. The WC can help with every stage of writing. If you feel stuck during the process, we will work with you to overcome those writer’s blocks by asking you guiding questions, exploring your ideas, and helping you pen those thoughts down.

    MYTH. The WC is only good for checking grammar and punctuation.

    FACT. The WC can help with every stage of writing, and we are well-equipped to help you respond to your assignment, structure paragraphs, expand ideas, write clearly and specifically, etc.

    MYTH. The WC sounds like a service meant only for traditional-age students and native speakers.

    FACT. The WC is a welcoming, supportive, and professional space for all Regis students. At the WC, we work with students from undergraduate and graduate programs and with varied life backgrounds. We value our clients’ diverse experiences and perspectives.

    MYTH. I can drop my paper off in person at the WC and return to pick it up.

    FACT. Because the WC is not set up for walk-ins, students may not drop off their papers and return later to pick them up. Instead, they must make appointments to receive feedback in person or online. 

    MYTH. I am a good writer, and I don’t need any extra feedback.

    FACT. The WC offers you a fresh perspective and objective review of your work. Seize the opportunity for another set of eyes to help you check for vagueness, repetition, redundancy, awkward phrasing, wordiness, word choice, formatting and citation standards, etc.

    MYTH. The WC will fix my paper and make it perfect.

    FACT. The role of any credible WC is not to whip out proofreading glasses and editing pens to correct every error in a paper, but to help you, the student, sharpen your skills and produce sound writing independently.